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Trading Group of Stone Fardad

Trading Group of Stone Fardad

Fardad Mehregan Trade

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The Stone Fardad Trading Group started registering its 4601 registration number from 2015 on the sale of construction stones aimed at exporting to...


Fardad Mehregan Trade

Trading Group of Stone Fardad

Selling Travertine - Marble - Granite - Marble

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atashkuh travertine

atashkuh travertine atashkuh Travertine Stone is one of the oldest and most quality travertine stones in Iran, which was discovered and commissioned by the late Ghanbar Rahimi, known as Arbab Qanbar. The atashku travertine has the characteristics of a good travertine. The good qualities of this stone include high density,…

haji-abad travertine

Haji-Abad Travertine Stone Haji-abad travertine stone is one of the oldest and best travertine mines in Iran, in terms of its age and activity and quality. The haji-abad travertine has a very good internal and international market thanks to its excellent characteristics. The benefits of haji-abad travertine stone are low…

dare-bokhari travertine

dare-bokhari travertine stone dare-bokhari travertine stone is a component of light travertine, which is used in the facade of the building as a waveform. The dare-bokhari travertine stone features low porosity and high abrasion resistance, high susceptibility to submergence, and beautiful waves and aura. dare-bokhari travertine stone is used in…

abbas-abad travertine

Abbas-Abad Travertine Stone Abbas-abad travertine stone Because of its beauty, light-white color, high strength, excellent polishing, porosity less than other travertine, high acid resistance to rust and color, and the beautiful design of the most unique travertine in the world. abbas-abad travertine, according to the type of wave pattern and…


Granite is considered as a bunch of igneous rocks, and depending on the mineral in the rock, it will be found in various colors, including black, white, gray, red, and green. Granite is considered to be the most heavier construction stone in Iran than density. khara stone is a rock…

marble and onyx

The term marble is commercial and is almost exclusively for Iran, also called sanandaji in commercial. In the scientific literature, onyx and marble are in a group called marble. Marble even sometimes includes limestone stones beyond the definition of marble. Marble or scattered calcareous stones are the result of a…

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