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Trading Group of Stone Fardad

Trading Group of Stone Fardad

Fardad Mehregan Trade

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Release date : 2018/12/10

The Stone Fardad Trading Group started registering its 4601 registration number from 2015 on the sale of construction stones aimed at exporting to countries outside the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran. After buying travertine mines from Haji Abad mines – Abbas Abad-Atashkoo and Bukhari valleys, the company has been extracting these mines and then exploiting them in the factory to produce the final product and deliver it to the domestic and international markets. In addition to producing travertine gems, the Stoneware Fard Group has been producing granite, marble, and marble granites for the expansion of its activities for the use of interior and exterior facades this year.

The company has also produced its products at the highest quality, utilizing cutting-edge cutting tools and engineers as well as experienced engineers and consultants.